12 Things You Can Learn In 10 Minutes To Become A Better Teacher



Becoming a better teacher is likely a big part of why you’re here.

Based on reader feedback, surveys, comments, and other observations we’ve noticed over the years, the vast majority of you are already ‘good’ at what you do.

Things You Can Learn In 10 Minutes To Become A Better Teacher

  1. The purpose of an assessment.(Also, simple assessment strategies may not be a bad idea either.)
  2. How to quickly estimate the reading level of any student.
  3. One writing strategy universal enough to improve the writing of most students in most circumstances no matter the content area or assignment.
  4. The difference between doing projects and project-based learning.
  5. Five ways to quiet a noisy classroom.
  6. The favorite ‘thing’ of your most challenging student.
  7. How to use a hashtag to allow your students to ask questions (anonymously or otherwise).
  8. Three team-building games you can use at any time to break the monotony, pickup the energy level in the classroom, facilitate teamwork, help students get to know one another, etc.
  9. How to use question/answer stems to promote stronger discussion with and between students.
  10. A decent/mostly accurate/usable definition for critical thinking.
  11. A working handle on the gradual release of responsibility model.
  12. One way to promote digital citizenship in your next unit of instruction/project/lesson, etc.


Source: https://www.teachthought.com/pedagogy/20-things-you-can-learn-in-10-minutes-to-become-a-better-teacher/

(This article/text/quote/image are shared in good spirit to strang then school education system.)

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